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NBA Finals Could Be In Jeopardy Hold on a minute Miami Heat fans. There may be a roadblock in your team’s March to a third consecutive NBA Championship.

I am not talking about the Indiana Pacers or a potential western conference foe. According to reports banished LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s attorneys have said that the disgraced owner will not pay a $2.5M fine levied against him by rookie commissioner Adam Silver and will instead sue the NBA for a violation of his rights as an owner. If this is indeed true and if any of you remember the words of ESPN’s Stephan A Smith there is no telling what steps the NBA’s players may take in protest. I interpret that warning to mean that the league’s players, who want an owner vote taken as soon as possible to remove Sterling as Clippers owner are not playing games here (no pun intended). This is very serious. If Sterling is not removed and this vote does not happen sooner rather than later. The NBA Finals may be in jeopardy. The players are likely to walk and refuse to play until Donald Sterling is no longer associated with the NBA.

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