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More Embarrassment For Kobe Bryant

kobeFor all of his greatness on the basketball court, future NBA hall of famer Kobe Bryant continues to have his private life played out in tabloids and gossip columns. This is nothing new for Bryant who has a checkered history of non basketball blunders off the hardwood. Hints of troubled again surfaced recently via a tweet from Bryant. “When u give, Give, Give and they take Take TAKE at wat point do u draw a line in the sand?” Kobe Bryant wrote on his Twitter account, adding the hashtags “hurt beyond measure,” “gave me no warning,” and finally, “love . Bryant and his mother, Pamela, are battling in court whether she has the right to give a New Jersey-based auction house dozens of his basketball mementos from high school and his early Lakers career.
Mama Bryant said she planned to purchase a Nevada home with the $450,000 advance she received, but Kobe said in court papers he never gave her permission to sell the items. Included are two championship rings he gave his parents after the Lakers won the 2000 title, a signed basketball from that team, his 1996 Pennsylvania high school championship ring and sweat suits he wore in high school while playing for Lower Merion High.

So just when it seemed like the Bryant family were beginning to finally get along, here we go again. Things have not always been so great between Bryant , his mother Pam and father, Joe nicknamed “Jellybean” who once played in the NBA. This goes back to when Kobe and the former Vanessa Laine got married in April 2001, then the family moved closer to where Vanessa’s family lived in Orange County.

Bryant’s parents were notably absent from the young couple’s wedding. Two months later, Bryant won his second championship with the Lakers. Even during a successful championship run there was trouble in the Bryant family over the decisions Kobe was making in his personal life. Joe was unhappy with the fact that Kobe seemed to do whatever he could to please Vanessa without regard to what anybody else thought. Furthermore according to Kobe the fact that she was a Latin and not black did not sit well with his parents Kobe told the LA Times in 2003.

Kobe and Vanessa have had their own share of problems, from the sexual allegations against him in Colorado years ago, to what appeared to be an impending break up when she filed for divorce some years later but they managed to survive those battles. Now this week , on the heels of mothers day we have Kobe vs his mom, headed to court over this most recent drama. Regardless of how it all plays out, we learned one thing. Money does not buy everything after all, you cannot put a price on happiness it seems.

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