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Miami Northwestern’s Hanna Named RMB Top Player

Miami Northwestern Bulls senior Harry Hanna, is this week’s South Florida High School Real Men Block Player of the week. Hanna, a 6-foot-3, 335-pound interior lineman, helped the Bulls’ running game get and stay on track during Northwestern’s monumental 45-44 double-overtime win over rival Miami Central. Hanna’s performance paved the way for Northwestern running back Kai Henry – who received the Miami Dolphins Academy Player of the Week award. Congrats to the Bulls on an outstanding win and to Harry Hanna on a job well done.

Leon Searcy decided to expand his vision of helping rising offensive lineman by giving them the acknowledgement that often times gets overlooked. Traditionally offensive linemen’s only recognition is during penalities.  The training and studies for the position bares little reward from the fans.  Mr. Searcy has devised a “pedestal” for lineman to embrace.  A brotherhood amongst the core of offensive glamour. An opportunity to allow these men of the trenches to stand out and receive their overdue recognition.nw-bulls