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Miami Hurricane Fans Need to Settle Down

Brad Kaaya is Ryan Tannehill 2.0. Mark Richt can’t call a game. Bench Kaaya. Start Gus Edwards and so on and so on. Sounds familiar? That is how Miami Hurricane fans sound. They sound like entitled brats who don’t get their way and throw a tantrum.

With three losses in a row Hurricane fans are storming social media and forum boards with the most asinine and ignorant comments and complaints about the team. Benching Kaaya? As if Malik Rosier is the second coming of Steve Young. Fire coaches? Really after 7 games it’s the coaches fault? Start this 3rd string player or that one because they’re so good that is why they’re 3rd string.

What did Hurricane fans expect Mark Richt to do with Al Golden’s roster perform miracles? The defense looks better along the line and with the freshman linebacks but the secondary can’t tackle or even catch an interception that hits them on their hands. The offensive line is just that, offensive. I’ve nicknamed the matadors because every time the ball is hiked they say, “Ole” and the defense goes by unblocked. We have undersized wide receivers who can’t catch either. Hell Braxton Berrios has dropped more passes than he has caught.

Where this expectation for the Hurricanes to run the table as soon as we got Mark Richt as head coach comes from is beyond me. Mark Richt is coaching Al Golden’s kids and we all know how Al Golden picked his kids. To be honest, we got the scraps of leftovers from the others schools who didn’t need two or three star players as they got the pick of the litter from the 4 or 5 star players.

Listen Hurricane fans, it’s going to take time for this to turn around. Mark Richt needs to get his type of players in here. We’re in a good spot to build from. And yes, you build around talent like Brad Kaaya. The offensive line, not so much. We need depth and we need big time players who will step up in big time plays.

Hurricane fans can’t sit here calling for Kaaya to be benched or calling him a scrub while in the preseason they were all over his jock because his name was mentioned in the Heisman conversation. Does Kaaya need some work, sure, but liets examine why his stats are average. He has no time to throw with the matadors allowing the defense to be in his face as soon as the ball is snapped. When given time to throw he can chuck the ball, but he is on his ass more than he is standing upright. Let’s talk about how the receivers can’t hold onto passes. Brad Kaaya can’t throw for 300 yards when his receivers keep dropping passes like the way a stripper would drop it like it’s hot.

Is Mark Richt the problem now too? There are times his play calling is suspect but what can he call when his offensive line can’t block for the run or the pass? He needs to call short pass plays to give Kaaya the .00005 second he needs to throw the ball because the defense is already at his feet before he gets to his 3rd step in a 3 step drop. I do agree that Richt needs to show more emotion, but that may not be who he his.

My only issue with the defense is the secondary. Other than that Manny Diaz has down an amazing job. The front seven, when not injured, are disruptive. We have undersized safeties and corners who rather deliver a big hit than tackle properly.

Relax Hurricane fans, it will get better. The players will come as well as the wins. Just stop thinking miracles happen over night. They don’t. The Hurricanes need to fall to learn how to pick themselves up. You may want to consider this a lost season, but the lessons from this season will provide the Hurricanes with the experience and tools needed to be dominant once again.

Be patient.