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Miami Heat on the verge of a blockbuster TV deal

It would only seem right that the team in South Florida with the biggest stars on their team start to capitalize on those stars and what they bring to Miami and the nation.

When Chris Bosh and Lebron James joined Dwyane Wade on South Beach, they both knew that this move would be beneficial to them financially. Not just because of the contracts but the endorsement opportunities, lack of state tax, etc. And the Miami Heat organization knew that they could and would capitalize on the fame and the championships this team would bring.


The Miami Heat are involved in discussions for a blockbuster cable television deal that experts say are being enhanced by the long-term contract the team has with reigning league MVPLeBron James and its run towards a second NBA title.

Sources familiar with the negotiations, but who do not have permission to speak about them publicly, peg the value of the long-term deal between $80 million to $100 a a year with Fox Sports Florida. Although the Heat’s new deal will only be about half the amount Los Angeles Lakers are going to get from Time Warner Cable, it will still generate at least over four times the revenue the team currently rakes in.

This deal would be 2nd to the LA Lakers deal which is the richest in the league.

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