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Miami Heat #1 in ESPN Power Rankings by default

I have a mantra that I used for Lebron James most of the time but it easily transfers to the Miami Heat as well.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.”

This team can beat other respectable teams in the NBA like the Spurs, Lakers and Sixers (a team that is on the rise) by 42 points and analyst will scream that the Heat are ready to run rampid through the NBA. Yet when this team beats another very good team like the Chicago Bulls, the excuse machine cranks up on behalf of the loser.


Jon Barry say’s the Bulls should “feel good about this loss” because they didn’t have CJ Watson or Luol Deng and still kept it close with the Heat. But the Heat should be “concerned” about losing to a Chicago team by such a close margin and because of the failure of Derrick Rose to convert two free throws in clutch time.

In ESPN’s Power Rankings, Marc Stein gives the Heat the #1 slot, but takes away from them at the same time. Saying they are in the number spot “by default”.

They want to point at this team not being able to “close out teams in the fourth quarter”, but they fail to mention that when this team does it on a consistent basis. And against good teams.

Folks in South Beach have come to the realization that hate is greater than objectivity when it comes to this team. And no time was it more obvious than last year and the run to the finals. The only way for the Heat to shut up the critics is to win and to do it convincingly. Until then the Miami Heat faithful will just have to do with the unfair and unbalanced criticism of this team.


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