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Melo is Not Bringing His Talents To Miami

Before people get their panties in a twist of the rumor that Miami’s Big 3 would take $14 million dollar salaries to land Carmelo Anthony in free agency, lets all take a deep breath. It’s not happening. All these potential what ifs are nonsensical. It is like saying what if my aunt had a penis she would be my uncle. It sounds great, Melo to Miami, but it’s just a pipe dream fueled by a slow news day in the NBA after an atrocious and completely boring NBA All-Star weekend.

I understand everyone’s worship of Pat Riley and I get it. He is a smart man and a winner not to mention he draws talent wherever he goes. He is smart enough to know that Melo in Miami isn’t worth it financially or team chemistry wise.

I can hear everyone thinking, “But what if the Big 3 take a huge pay cut to bring him here?” I know Wade is on his last legs in the league and Melo would be the heir apparent, but while Wade is still here do you think he will want to be the #3 man or Bosh #4? Bosh has sacrificed so much to be part of the Big 3, does he really just want to be an afterthought on the team?

Another major question is, “Will Carmelo be willing to cut in half his shot attempts per game?” Can Melo check his shot heaving ego at the door? Can Melo be ok with not being the face of the franchise?

Team chemistry is a big deal in the league. Can Lebron, Wade and Melo coexist? Can they share the ball? Who gets the last shot?

I know Miami Heat fans can’t hide their excitement for the possibility of a Big 4 and all the championships it would bring. Truth be told, this Heat team will not be the same one next year. Haslem will certainly be gone along with Rashard Lewis, Battier and Ray Allen. The Heat will need bench help as well as big men. I’m sure the next argument will be that Riley can get free agent veterans to play for the league minimum. Sure, maybe he can get players on their tail end of their career, but sure the allure of a championship is enticing, but championships aren’t guaranteed. Do you know what is? Money.

So if you want to enjoy your time in fantasy land, by all means think Melo is coming to Miami. I’ll say this, if Melo comes to Miami I will stand outside the AAA with a sign and Carmelo jersey saying I was wrong, but I have a better shot at winning the lottery than I do standing outside because Carmelo is not bringing his talents to Miami.