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Mayweather Not An All Time Great

PBFWell America it looks like we all got fooled again. Floyd Mayweather the world’s greatest salesman, got us all hyped up for a fight but instead we were treated to twelve rounds of dancing that would have made Danny Terrio proud. Make no mistake, Mayweather is a boxing purists dream, a master tactician, poetry in motion. The science of boxing if that’s what you’re into could be exhibited by watching any Mayweather fight. However this past Saturday we all opened up our wallets and the celebrities flocked in droves for fight night in Las Vegas to watch a championship bout between Money May and a game but overmatched Robert Guerrero. Have we not seen this before ? Lots of posturing, jeering, insults etc pre fight, we got sucked into thinking “Oh boy this is gonna be a great fight” and once again we were disappointed with a snorefest.
Near the end of the fight boos could be heard coming from the crowd, droves of fans yelling “boring” coming from different sections of the arena. They were so irate that midway through the final round, many fans had seen enough and headed to the exits disappointed.
Like many of Mayweather’s previous fights this fight lacked drama or any hint of adversity for Floyd, no toe to toe exchanges and the 12 round decision instead of a flashy KO was not enough to satisfy some, who’d clearly hoped for more excitement since they shelled out hundreds and some a few thousand for those tickets.

They wanted more, they wanted Pryor-Arguello, Leonard-Hearns, Ali-Frazier, even Tyson-Spinks. Boxing fans want more and they simply are not getting it. What we did get was a total destruction of a four-weight world champion. I will admit that was impressive for what it’s worth. Mayweather is a master in the art of boxing. However fans want a thrilling fight, one that will have them on their feet begging for more, it is supposed to be the modern day gladiator sport. This does not cut it for most people as we saw with those that walked out, Mayweather the so called baddest man on the planet does not knock anybody out. He wants to be considered an all time great, but detractors are hesitant to consider him among the all time best because he has no rival. The one fight that should have happened years ago against pound for pound rival Manny Pacquiao never happened for whatever reason.

Floyd now has five fights now left on his Showtime contract, and maybe in his career, his legacy will be marred by the fact that he never had a Joe Frazier. Is that his fault ? No but history will show us that for the most part his fights are boring, they are dancefests and the fact that he never had “the” fight is how he will be remembered when one looks back at his career. If you ask me he is no Sugar Ray, Leonard or Robinson. He is a helluva salesman though.

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