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Marlins Should Trade Stanton

There is no denying that Giancarlo Stanton is having a monster year and potenially an MVP award winning season. It’s also no secret the unwillingness of the ownership and front office to pay players and even keep superstars in Miami. It is obvious to most fans that Jeffrey Loria should open up his wallet and pay Stanton what he deserves. The million dollar question is whether Stanton would want to stay with an organization that sells off top tier talent for pennies on the dollar or try to win with another organization that is committed to winning a championship.

A few days ago, Stanton told Yahoo Sports in an interview, “Five months doesn’t change five years” when asked about how he felt about ownership and management. When Loria went through his most recent fire sale, Stanton was vocally upset and he let his ire be known. Giancarlo Stanton knows he can’t trust this owner.

Five months doesn’t change five years – Giancarlo Stanton

If I were the Marlins I would trade Stanton while his stock is high. Of course when Jeffrey Loria is the owner you know the Marlins won’t be getting comparable value in return. Why would I trade Stanton when he is Miami’s legitimate star? Because when has Loria shown willingness to pay to keep talent? When Loria had superstars he has traded them all. Miguel Cabrera, Mike Lowell, Josh Beckett, Hanley Ramirez to name a few. The one that still hurts is Miguel Cabrera. The Marlins got absolute squat while the Tigers only got the greatest right handed hitter in the past 40 years.

The Marlins own the rights to Stanton for another 2 years, but if Loria isn’t going to pay him, just let him go. Why take it to arbitration every year? Loria was willing to pay Albert Pujols over 200 million; why not offer that to Stanton? Why not invest in the team and show others that you’re willing to keep talent and try to win? The problem is that no one knows what goes through the pumpkin size head of his.

Loria only knows how to run a team one way and unfortunately that way is into the ground. Stanton has seen this first hand and knows that the Marlins are only interested in obtaining young players that are cheap instead of paying for talent and bringing in ball players to help take this team up to the next level.

Giancarlo Stanton deserves to be playing in front of sell out crowds who will appreciate his talent. Why play in front of 8,000 “fans” when you can play in front of sell out crowds with a chance to win a World Series title?

As this season winds down the Marlins have a decision to make. Try to sign Giancarlo Stanton to a long term deal or trade him while his value is at its peak. No one knows what Stanton would do if offered a big contract from the Marlins, but he is better off testing the market in a couple of years when he is in the midst of his prime or asking for a trade.

As long as Loria owns this team, the Marlins have no future. It’s for the best if they just let him go and for the Marlins to continue on the path to mediocrity. Trade him for players that will never see the field or who will disappoint on it. That is the Marlin way under Jeffrey Loria.