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The Marlins Feel Cheated?

According to an article in the Sun-sentinel by Juan C. Rodriguez, the Marlins feel cheated because the Red-Sox did not show up with enough Major League talent to a spring training game. A spring training game that the Marlins jacked the prices up on because it was the Red-Sox. Let’s marinate on the fact that the Marlins felt cheated another team did not field a major league roster. Dear Marlins, now you know how your fans, or what’s left of them, feel.

I’m not sure what is more laughable that the fact the Marlins were angry at the Red-Sox for only sending over a handful of Major League players or the fake portrayal of outrage from Juan.

I would like to send a special song dedicated to the Marlins:

Here is another fun fact. For all the Major League talent the Marlins fielded against this inferior Red-Sox team devoid of any marquee names, the Marlins only managed 2 hits. That is not a typo. 2 hits. I would complain to the Major League office that your team sucks and that it could only produce 2 hits off a team filled with Double-A ball players.

The mere thought of the Marlins feeling like they were cheated out of something is an affront to all their fans. Does Juan C. Rodriguez want real anger? Have him email me asking me my thoughts about Jeffrey Loria and the Marlins front office.

Am I angry? Absolutely. The Marlins have the audacity to feel cheated because a team sent over minor league players to play against their team of minor league players? Of course the Marlins were only looking out for the best interest of their fans who paid for tickets that had their prices jacked up from normal spring training game prices. Have to love those Marlins. Always thinking about their pockets only and how to stuff them with either tax payer money or money from other Major League teams from the revenue sharing plan.

Now I know there are plenty of Marlin apologists out there. How do I know? They always defend Loria and the front office in tweets to me and emails. What I don’t understand is how do you defend these clowns? How do you defend the fact the Marlins feel cheated for doing the same thing they do year after year to their fans?

Let me guess it’s all part of the plan. Trade away your best talent for prospects and expect them to flourish under such a great organization and system sounds like a great plan but when the team owner and front office have their collective heads up each others ass looking for a light in the dark, that plan goes out the window.

Do you know what the plan is? The plan is for Loria to stuff his greedy pockets. Plain and simple. He doesn’t care about baseball. He doesn’t care about the Marlins and he sure as hell doesn’t care about the fans. He uses this team the same way Kris Jenner uses her daughters for fame and fortune.

The Marlins feel cheated. I can’t get over that.