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Mark Richt Needs the Offense To Play Like a Top 10 Team

With the impending showdown with #3 Notre Dame looming, Miami head coach Mark Richt needs his offense to finally play like a top 10 team. The Hurricanes offense looks impressive in spurts, but has yet to put a complete game together. While the Hurricanes defense has been impressive, the offense has been anything but impressive.

There are so many reason for the offensive struggles. Play calling has been on the safe side and predictable. Mark Richt needs to be more creative in his play calling. Only calling bubble screens and runs up the middle get pretty boring after a while. He needs call plays and let the ball fly. Now is the time to be creative with personnel and play calling and take some chances.

Virginia Tech was a good test for the offensive line, but Virginia Tech is no Notre Dame. The offensive line needs to protect Malik Rosier and give him time to throw down field. Not to mention they need to open holes big and long enough for the running backs to run through. If the offense becomes one dimensional then it’s over for the Hurricanes.

Speaking of Malik Rosier, he needs the best game of his life. He needs to be accurate. Rosier throws to complete passes, but he rarely throws it so his receivers can run after the catch. Sure the stats look great, but he needs to put the ball in places where only his receivers can get it and they have room to run after the catch. Malik also needs to needs to not get happy feet. He has a tendency to stare down one receiver and if he’s not open Malik takes off running.

If the Hurricanes want the disrespect to end, their offense needs to go out and take the game from Notre Dame. Then need to run the ball down the throats of the Notre Dame defense then the Hurricanes need to throw the ball deep and often. Keep Notre Dame on their toes and guessing. Now is the perfect time for the Hurricanes to show the committee and the country they are for real and need to be taken seriously.