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Mark Richt Has the Hurricanes on the Right Path

It’s amazing to think what Miami Hurricanes head coach, Mark Richt, has done in such a short amount of time. The Hurricanes won their first bowl game in over 10 years; 4 and 5 star recruits are wanting to come to Miami and the team is finally getting their indoor practice facility. It’s not only the on the field results that are getting noticed its also all of his work off the field that has been impressive.

As storied as the Miami Hurricanes program has been based on the past championships, it had been stuck in neutral and even in reverse these past 10 or so years. There was no buzz about the program and forget about 5 star recruits coming to Miami to play. The only attention the program was receiving were the weekly airplane messages that circled the stadium prior to every game calling for the firing of a certain coaching staff. Now with Mark Richt at the helm, it’s been nothing but positivity.

What really set the tone for the comeback of the program was when Mark Richt was first hired he went around to different schools and parks in Dade and Broward counties introducing himself. He was letting the kids and high school coaches that he wasn’t going to ignore them and that they were the backbone on which the Hurricanes program is built. Something the previous coaching staff had no interest in doing which was really one of the nails in the coffin for them.

The other thing that has been a goal of Mark Richt’s was his desire to help his players, former and current, out with finding jobs once their playing career was over. He recently announced his creation of “The U Network” which is meant to help find jobs for former players. Efforts like that have helped bring back the alumni that was once alienated from the Miami Hurricanes program. The return of the some of the programs most decorated and memorable players could be seen at the Hurricanes recent Paradise Camp where high school players came to get 1 on 1 instructions from former Hurricane greats like Michael Irvin, Ed Reed, Willis McGahee among many others.

Having camps such as the Paradise Camp and having Hurricane legends around campus has helped with recruitment. 4 and 5 star players are now committing to Miami in droves. That in turn has now raised the level of competition on the field as now more playmakers are out there vying for starting roles. That is the result of what Mark Richt has done for the Hurricanes Program.

While the Miami Hurricanes are not quite there yet as far as being a championship contender, it’s not hard to see that they’re not that far away. As Mark Richt puts the program on the right path, the glory will return. What he has accomplished in a short amount of time is incredible and the best is truly yet to come.