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Jeremy Lin files to trademark “Linsanity” and everything “Lin”

I knew this was coming. It only makes sense. When you take a country, nation and world by storm and you’re only making $800k, it makes sense for you to try and capitalize on any and everything you can. reports that Jeremy Lin has filed a request to trademark the “Linsanity” phrase. I just don’t know what took him so long to do this.

Lin, who has rejuvenated the New York Knicks over the past two weeks, moved to take control of the catch phrase that’s encapsulated his meteoric rise, filing an application on Feb. 13 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, according to the agency’s website.

The filing came six days after Yenchin Chang, a 35-year-old Alhambra,California, resident with no ties to Lin, became the first to apply for a Linsanity trademark, according to the website.

A second filing was made on Feb. 9 by Andrew W. Slayton of Los Altos, California, and on Feb. 14 there was another filing by Yoonsoo Stephen Kim of Duluth, Georgia.

I don’t see anything wrong with Lin and the people acting on his behalf doing this. Athletes are always looking for endorsements or any other type of extra income, and this is where a lot of their over all worth comes from. It only makes sense that J-Lin makes some money off of himself, rather than some dude in Duluth, Georgia benefitting off of him.

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