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Lebron James overly criticized and analyzed at All Star Game

I will continue to say this as long as Lebron James is in an NBA uniform: “Damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t”.

In the closing moments of the NBA All Star game on Sunday, Lebron James once again left a game where he was lauded for his dunks. A game where he was applauded for his three point shooting in the 2nd half. But a game where he was once again criticized for not taking “that shot” in the clutch moments. A shot, mind you, that could have been a game winner, or a clunker off the rim. Instead of trying a shot over Kobe Bryant (who was yelling “shoot it” to him), James decided to pass the ball either to a Dwyane Wade or a Carmelo Anthony. The end result was a 2 point loss to the Western conference in the All Star weekends marquis event.

Never mind that Dwyane Wade bobbled a ball out of bounds on the way to a sure 2 points. Or that Deron Williams missed a pretty wide open 3 pointer moments before Lebron’s ill fated pass that was intercepted by Blake Griffin. Never mind that because of Lebron and Wade and others, that the East were able to close this game out because of a fury of points led by the aforementioned. The debate today is “why didn’t Lebron take that last shot?”

In instances like those I always defer to the person on the court. They such a better vantage point than me, sitting in my living room miles away watching it on tv. Analyst, pundits and critics won’t care. “Just shoot the ball” they cry. “Fulfill my destiny that I planned out for you” they scream. Blah blah blah.

Look, I won’t deny that LBJ needs a little more heart in certain situations. But the constant badgering and public lynching of this dude no matter whatever he does has got to stop or at least be put on pause until he actually does something that matters.



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