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Lebron James finds a way to score (gif & video)

In these last few days of the regular season, a man by the name of Lebron James is trying his hardest to solidify the MVP title for the season. His 17 straight points to clinch the game versus the New Jersey Nets on Monday was the catalyst for all of the talk. He says it would be an honor to win a 3rd MVP award, but we all know that the trophy we need to see him hold up is the shiny gold one at the end of June.

On Thursday night the Miami Heat handily beat the Chicago Bulls at home, and Lebron again showed up and showed out on the national tv stage. Here’s one of the creative ways he scored in gif and video form.

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Ed Sylvain is one half of the Sports Brothers. A 15 + year radio veteran, Ed spends his time now in the Education field. He concentrates his writings on the psychology of sports, writing on the social climate that affects the sports and non sports world.