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LaVar Ball is a Dumbass

There is a line Charlie Murphy says in his Dave Chappelle skit about Rick James that Rick is a habitual line stepper. The same can be said true for LaVar Ball. He doesn’t know when to quit or shut his mouth. He just loves to spout nonsense that gets top headlines across sports media. It works because he is all we talk about.

LaVar has this grandiose plan that his 3 sons can lead the Lakers to a championship. I’m all for reaching for the stars, but lets make sure your feet are firmly planted in reality first. His latest statement supports the notion that he is all ego and no common sense. He said, “Lonzo will be on his 3rd year and I want let every NBA team know, that Lonzo is not going to resign with the Lakers, but will go to any team, that will take all of my three boys.”

If I was the Lakers I would look into trading Lonzo as soon as I can to be rid of this headache. With each outrageous statement made LaVar keeps pushing the envelope to the side of table and that table has a ledge. Once that envelope reaches that ledge it’s lights out.

Jello and Pudding Pop or whatever he calls his two youngest are in Lithuania playing ball because none of the more established European leagues wanted that baggage that comes with those kids. Forget about going to China to play. His son Sticky Fingers was trying to be called no fingers once the China authorities resort to ancient techniques for punishment, chopping his hands off for stealing.

LaVar Ball is a dumbass and his kids have to know this. Hell, the whole sports world knows this. Unlike Lonzo’s shot, LaVar is consistent with the nonsense he spews when cameras or tape recorders are fixed on him. His dream about his three boys playing the NBA will be short lived. No one is going to touch the younger two and Lonzo chances of staying in the league are slim like his chances of hitting a jump shot.

I want to support his endeavors. He wants to start his own league and push his own line of merchandise. He wants to shun the system and find ways around it and I get it. I just can’t get behind his antics and his false bravado filling headlines with such laughable nonsense.

LaVar needs to remain quiet and enjoy what is left of his son’s careers and he’ll have no one to blame for their non-existent careers but himself. Too bad he can’t see what he is doing.