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Lakers Look Foolish Chasing Dwight

I wonder if Jerry Buss was rolling in his grave when the Lakers unveiled a billboard imploring Dwight Howard to “Stay.” The Lakers were one of the few organizations in the NBA where they never had to beg players to stay or come to the Lakers. Their name and championships were enough to convince any player to join them, but now they’re acting like a desperate lover trying to hold onto someone who was never good for them in the first place and looking desperate is never a good look.

When Dwight Howard is the cream of the free agency crop, you know it’s going to be a bad harvest of available talent. Sure CP3 is a free agent, but when the Clippers landed Doc Rivers, that move ensured CP3 wasn’t going anywhere. And Josh Smith isn’t going to be a one man savior for any team, so that leaves Dwight Howard as the most desired and sought after free agent.

I just can’t fathom why the Lakers are so desperate to chase Dwight. Dwight is not an elite player and never will be. In a league where big men are as common as a Kardashian not chasing publicity it was easy for some to label Dwight as the best center, but he never had the skills or credentials to warrant such a title. As the Magic and now the Lakers found out if Dwight doesn’t get his way he acts out and pouts like a petulant child. Maybe that is one reason why Dwight facilitated forced a trade from Orlando, to take acting classes in Hollywood in hopes of winning the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role because lets face it, Dwight is a drama queen on and off the court.

Do the Lakers really think a billboard is going to convince Dwight Howard to stay? Why don’t they just call up their Hollywood friends to put a little montage together of all the Laker greats and then leave a blank space with Dwight’s name. Fitting it’s a blank space since Dwight likes to go invisible when the pressure is on. Of course now is the time when other teammates start to lobby for the players, like Steve Nash who sent a tweet out to Dwight stating if he stays, in 20 years they’ll build a statue of him outside of the Staples Center. I just hope it’s made of cardboard so it’s life like and folds just like Dwight.

Instead of putting up a billboard for Dwight, perhaps a Titanic size SOS might have been more appropriate for the Lakers. The Lakers are an organization that hasn’t come to grips that it can no longer contend for a championship. Dwight Howard is not going to help them or starve off the Kobe retirement talks. They have a point guard in Steve Nash who already had his senior citizen’s discount card at Denny’s when they signed him and they have a coach in D’Antoni whose system doesn’t work with the players on this team. This team is sinking and signing to Howard to a max deal would handcuff them financially and basketball wise set them back because Dwight lacks the maturity, leadership and skills needed to be an elite player. Sure Dwight needs the max deal money to dole out to his harem of baby mothers but the Lakers don’t need him to survive as a franchise and they should stop begging for him to stay. They’re too great of a franchise to embarrass themselves like this. If he wants to walk let him. Like after all bad relationships, you’ll be better off in the end.