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Juwan Howard and Jalen Rose postgame

Anytime an athlete wins a championship on a professional level, they think back to the others that didn’t win one with them. Getting to win a championship is hard work, and there plenty people to thank. Coaches and players from little league to college to the pros can all share in solace that one of their own won a championship.

When it comes to Juwan Howard and his seventeen year journey to become a champion, this thought is more than likely prevalent. Howard was a member of the famed “Fab Five” from the University of Michigan. They never won a national championship, but changed the way many view and play college basketball today.

One of his team mates on that squad was Jalen Rose, now ESPN NBA analyst. Howard spoke
about how much this championship meant to him and them.

Jalen was in Miami on Thursday night as Juwan got his ring. Here’s their embrace.

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