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Jose Fernandez Doesn’t Deserve a Statue

When I read that the Miami Marlins wanted to erect a statue in honor of the late Jose Fernandez I asked myself why? Was he the Marlins all time strikeout leader? Did he have the most wins as a pitcher for the Marlins? Was he an all time great? The answer to all of those questions are no, so that begs the question, “Why should Jose Fernandez have a statue?”

The Marlins are reaching here. Given that their owner and front office are about as genuine as an ass implant from a back alley Hialeah doctor, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is a marketing ploy. Loria and his band of merry misfits want nothing but positive press leading up to Miami’s first All-Star game as well as his eventual sale of the team. Jesus take the wheel I need that miracle sooner than later.

I love watching Jose pitch. He was electric. He was special and his love for the game was pure. Like the majority of South Florida and around the baseball community I was sadden to hear that he died so young. It was a blow for the South Florida community and for baseball. He had the potential to be great, but potential doesn’t get you a statue.

Jose had a story similar to so many here in Miami. He risked his life escaping from the Castro regime. Four times he tried to leave Cuba and three times he was sent back and imprisoned in Cuba for trying to defect. And on the fourth try he was successful. He was even a hero for saving his mother from drowning while on that fourth attempt, but does that mean he deserves a statue?

  • Wins: Ricky Nolasco 81
  • Win–loss percentage: Josh Johnson .676
  • ERA: José Fernández 2.58
  • Saves: Robb Nen 108
  • Strikeouts: Ricky Nolasco
  • Shutouts: A. J. Burnett 8
  • Games: Mike Dunn 371
  • Innings: Ricky Nolasco 1,225⅔
  • Games started: Ricky Nolasco
  • Complete games: Dontrelle Willis

Based on these stats, the Marlins should be building a statue for Ricky Nolasco not Jose Fernandez. Jose did not have the career that justifies a statue. Women lie, men lie, numbers don’t lie.

And for all those people who say Jose shouldn’t get a statue because he did some cocaine or was drinking etc. get off your high horse. One it’s Miami. Cocaine will always be around like herpes. Two he was young and successful and probably didn’t know how to handle it all the success at such a young age. Plus if went into the closets of these same people bashing him because he did some drugs, I’m sure we’ll find some ugly things in their past as well. Did Jose do some questionable things? Absolutely, but I’m not judging him because who am I to judge someone.

Before people get their pots and pans after me, ask yourself truthfully and make sure you separate emotion from the equation. Does Jose Fernandez deserve a statue based on his stats, not on his story, what he meant to the community or on his potential, but on numbers? The answer is no. Statues aren’t for people with potential. If that is the case we would be creating statues for everyone just like they hand out participation trophies in youth leagues.

Legends get statues. All time greats get statues. Jose Fernandez was neither and doesn’t deserve a statue.