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Jose Bautista’s Epic Bat-Flip Gets Called Out

imgresSo for those of you that missed the instant classic of game 5 of the American League Division Series, you missed an incredible game. In a 7th inning that lasted 53 minutes and saw an original 2-2 tie go to a 3-2 Texas lead and then finally to a 6-3 Toronto lead that would hold up for the remainder of the game. The defining moment occurred when Jose Bautista stepped up to the plate with runners on first and third and two outs and a 3-3 tie. Bautista destroyed a Sam Dyson pitch for a crucial 3 run homer, and at the same time destroyed the Internet with his now famous bat flip. At the end of the game, Dyson made comments about the bat flip. He said, “He’s doing stuff kids do”.

Just wait a minute there Dyson. Was it a dramatic bat-flip? Absolutely, but think of when this occurred. It’s the deciding game in the Division Series to see who would play for the American League Pennant. I can almost guarantee that if Dyson had gotten Bautista out then he would have been celebrating just as hard. He would have pumped his fist in the air, shouted at the sky, and slapped his glove hard. Don’t tell me he wouldn’t have been fired up after getting out of that jam. For crying out loud, it’s the postseason. You’re allowed to get excited. In fact if you don’t get excited then you’re not ready for the postseason.

Now Mr. Dyson, a little advice for you. If you’re going to critique someone, critique yourself. Because you know damn well the only reason you’re pissed off is because of the home run. You gave up the go-ahead homer. You shouldn’t be mad at someone else’s joy, especially during the postseason. Seriously, you’re calling what Bautista did childish? No he got excited during a winner take all series. In fact without Bautista’s heroics, then Texas might have advanced to the ALCS instead of Toronto. So yes Mr. Dyson, he’s allowed to be excited.

Lastly, how insane was that bat-flip? We have seen plenty of great bat flips this season, but I’m pretty sure that this one takes the prize for the best one. October has always had a flair for the dramatic. Take into account Madison Bumgarner coming out of the bullpen in game 7 of the World Series last season. Now I’m not saying that this moment tops that one, but it is a pretty good one. I can’t wait to see what drama occurs in the ALCS between Toronto and Kansas City. One thing is for sure; both teams are fired up.

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Ed Sylvain is one half of the Sports Brothers. A 15 + year radio veteran, Ed spends his time now in the Education field. He concentrates his writings on the psychology of sports, writing on the social climate that affects the sports and non sports world.