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James returning to Cleveland is a great myth

The summer of 2014.
Never has a summer of free agency in the NBA been so highly anticipated since 2010, and the main reason it is so anticipated is because of the same characters who made the summer of 2010 so crazy.

Dwyane Wade.

Chris Bosh.

and of course him. Lebron James. You all remember this right?

The words “take my talents to South Beach” will forever live on in the annals of sports history.
But even though everyone will take that quote and will run with it forever, it was the words that he uttered after, that really hit home and make the most sense now. Yes especially now, when everyone and their moms wants to talk about the Summer of 2014, and if Lebron James will bolt from the team he sacrificed and gave up so much to come and play for.

What sacrifices you ask? We can get into that later.

But it’s these words that should shut up everyone who dares to question rather if Lebron James will decide to come back to the Miami Heat after he opts out (for more money) next year.

I feel like this…this is gonna give me the best opportunity to, to win, and to win for multiple years. Um, and not only just to win in the regular season or just to win 5 games in a row or 3 games in a row. Um, I want to be able to win championships and I feel like I can compete down there

King James

There. That right there ladies and gentlemen, is why the talk and speculation should end about Lebron bolting for anywhere next year. Especially the talk about him going back to Cleveland.
Why must we do this to ourselves? I ask my brothers and sisters in the media is there not enough to talk about?

The Heat won a 2nd consecutive championship in their third try. The team, largely in tact will return for another run at it this year. Ray. Mario. Even the Birdman is coming back. Sure the Nets got better, on paper. Yes Derrick Rose is coming back (we think). And the Pacers will be hungrier than ever.
The competition will be stiff. Maybe that’s why folks are already foaming at the mouth and fingertips to talk and write about Lebron heading somewhere else next year.

Ok so the Lakers will have a lot of cap space. Do you think Lebron watches how Dwight Howard jetted off to Houston, because of a difference of, well everything with the Lakers and says to himself “oooh yeah I want some of that drama”?

Word is Carmelo may leave New York. Yeah right. And Lebron will just jump right in his place right? Ha.
Just because Carmelo’s wife LaLa has a budding career in LA, doesn’t mean he’s willing to give up the bright lights of Madison Square Garden for the silicone and weave of Los Angeles (Clippers or Lakers).

And then there’s Cleveland. Smh (that means “shaking my head”). Lebron James going back to Cleveland is like the guy who leaves his longterm girlfriend for another chick who gives and spoils him with everything. And then one day he decides to go back to that longterm girlfriend, just because he’s tired of being spoiled. Yeah…that happens everyday (<----sarcasm) Here's what Cleveland has to offer Lebron this time around: Mike Brown as Coach, a broke down Andrew Bynum, a fragile Kyrie Irving, along with Anderson Varejao, Tyler Zeller, Alonzo Gee, rookie No. 1 pick Anthony Bennett, free agent pickup Jarrett Jack ( who was very vocal about the way Lebron left Cleveland and the partnering of the super stars in South Beach), Tristan Thompson, and Dion Waters. Is that more enticing than winning more rings in Miami? We all must prepare ourselves for this craziness starting in October and all the way through June. God forbid if the Heat don't win a championship. The noise will get so loud that dogs would start howling. Nevertheless it has already started, and will only continue to get louder through the season. And I've got to do all I can to keep the noise away from me. Lebron will not go back to Cleveland or anywhere for that matter folks. Not right now. Try again in about 5-8 years. anigif_enhanced-buzz-6733-1366867288-0