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James Cramps, Everyone Freaks Out

You would think that Mimi from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta made another sex tape the way people are talking about Lebron James cramping up at the end of Game 1. Lebron fans and haters alike are battling it out via social media either making fun of him or creating conspiracy theories. Let us clear the air now so we can get ready for Game 2 on Sunday. Lebron James cramped up. That is it. It doesn’t make him a weaker player and it doesn’t mean the Spurs broke the AC on purpose because James has a history of cramping.

To Heat fans, especially those who just became fans in the past couple of years but swear you’ve been a fan since Day 1, please understand there was no conspiracy. The Spurs did not practice in the blazing heat and humidity so they could be better prepared for when they broke the AC on purpose. Both teams had to play with no AC. Say it out loud, “Both teams had to play with no ac.”

For those same fans who are already saying that if the Spurs win the Championship that they should have an asterisk next to their name. Really? If you are one of those “fans” that are saying that, you probably don’t know your ass from your elbow. It is asinine to think that the Spurs deserve an asterisk. There was no foul play, there was no cheating. The AC broke. It happens. When the AC goes out in your house does your wife say you broke it on purpose so you didn’t have to have dinner with her parents? No, it happens sometimes.

For all those making fun of Lebron, you really need to stop. The man competed, cramped up and tried to compete some more. Let me guess Jordan would played through and scored the winning shot right? Please stop comparing Jordan to Lebron and vice versa. There is no comparison between the two. Two unique players in two unique eras.

Some cramps can be so severe it can feel like you’re temporary paralyzed because you can’t move. Lebron clearly could not move. The AC not working effected everyone. Maybe some Spurs cramped as well but maybe not has bad as Lebron. The man gave it his all. That is all that should matter.

I found it ironic that Jonathan Martin, former “victim” of bullying and former Miami Dolphin, was essentially telling Lebron to man up in a tweet. So Jonathan Martin basically was bullying Lebron via social media and he thought that was ok. So it is ok for him to be a victim but ok for him to bully others? Jonathan Martin has a lot of nerve and audacity but clearly not the balls because he used social media to attempt to bully a player who competed and tried to compete in excruciating pain. Last I checked Martin quit. I’m going to tweet him during games when he gets pulled from the game and tell him to get some Gatorade and get back in there.

No one is really at fault for Lebron cramping. The closest person who you could point to the finger to and have some validity for it is Coach Spoelstra. He should have rested Lebron at the start of the 4th. Ok course this is all in hindsight, but I thought Popovich did a great job with subbing his guys quicker so they could take breaks, get hydrated and rest etc. I felt Spoelstra strung his players out a little too long, but I’m just coaching from a chair. He knows better than I or so I hope.

So stop saying Lebron is less of a man or player because he got cramps. I don’t want to hear how the Cleveland was the one that broke the AC so the Heat can lose the series and Lebron can go back to the Cavs. Yes it was unfortunate that BOTH teams had to play in those conditions, but they BOTH played and competed.

I guess we need something to talk about in this series, but lets focus on the results and not some made up drama, hatred or conspiracies.

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Ed is one half of the Sports Brothers. He has been in the radio industry for 14 years working in several formats including urban and talk. Upon returning to Miami in 2006 and working at WTPS, he and Jeff Fox were paired up and started The Sports Brothers.