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It’s Time to Trade Stanton

It’s time for the Miami Marlins to trade Giancarlo Stanton. Yes, I said it. Trade Giancarlo Stanton. The most recognizable face on the team should be traded now while his value is high.

The Miami Marlins should trade him because it’s the right thing to do both for him and the team. Moving his contract might make the selling of the team a bit easier as perhaps the new ownership doesn’t want to be saddled with that huge contract. Let’s face it trading Stanton now would net the Marlins a group of potential young studs to build the team around in the future. Then again with this ownership and management they might just trade Stanton for scrubs and a pinwheel for Jeffrey Loria.

Trade Giancarlo Stanton because he deserves to have his talent be on display in front of more than 2,000 fans a night. He is a super star and his talent is not appreciated here based on the paltry attendance of each home game. In a bigger market he can shine more and get all the big endorsements he doesn’t receive in this desolate baseball market. Here, his star is lost among all the empty seats in Marlins Park.

Sure people will complain that by trading him away it would detract people from going to the games. As if people go to the games now. It was impressive to see Marlins Park full, with actual people during the All-Star festivities. Instead of rows of empty seats, there were actual, real live people in them. A first in Marlins Park history.

The Marlins aren’t making the playoffs, again. The team is in a constant rebuild and why not just trade Stanton for the future backbone of your team. Stanton is batting .277 with 26 homeruns. He has been healthy this season and he is only 27. This will be the best time for the team to make the move. You have to strike while the iron is hot and this iron is scolding.

Now is the perfect time to trade him.