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It’s Over

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 NBA Champions, the Golden State Warriors and a big thank you to Cleveland for making a brief cameo appearance as well. The kids in 3rd world countries thank you for your unused Cleveland Championship t-shirts. Sure the Warriors still have to win two more games, but can your honestly tell yourself Cleveland has a chance? The word defense is unfamiliar to this Cavaliers team the way championship is an unfamiliar word to the city of Cleveland.

Hell I’m not even a Cavs fan and I was embarrassed by their pathetic performance in their humiliating 110-77 loss in Game 2. If I’m the NBA, I’m embarrassed too that this is the “championship” product they’re rolling out. We all knew the East was the weaker conference but this isn’t even close to being a Championship matchup. I was out looking for Jehovah Witnesses to come pray that this game would be over fast. That was how bad that game was that I was seeking someone to answer my prayers.

For the second game in a row the Splash Brothers were no more than just drops in a bucket as their role and bench players again made all the plays. The Warriors played defense and rebounded something perhaps David Blatt took with him after the was fired.

While all the criticism lays at the feet of Lebron, the majority of it is unjust. It’s not his fault the rest of his team sucks. You could put Lebron on any scrub team like the 76ers or the Phoenix Suns and they would be instant championship contenders. He is that good. His team not so much. Lebron is trying to do too much and he needs to as there is no one else on that Cleveland bench capable of being consistent.

While the Cavs looked lost on defense often, Kevin Love was the only one with a legitimate reason to look lost. The Cavs were getting backdoored more than a Republican in an airport restroom. The Cavs didn’t know who or what to defend often looking at each other with an expression, “Was that my assignment or yours?” The Warriors did whatever they pleased constantly confusing the Cavaliers with elementary offensive sets.

Going back to Cleveland isn’t going to change a thing. Maybe the Cavs win a game. You know the courtesy victory as to not make this series appear as uneven and boring as it is. And even if the Cavs do eek out a win there isn’t enough male enhancement pills to keep up the momentum for them.

The series is over and thankfully the Warriors are just two wins from ending this misery. I felt bad when they had to put down Old Yeller, but I won’t have the same reaction for when the Cavs are put out for the last time this season.

I know the whole NBA world is waiting on what Kevin Durant does this offseason, but maybe it’s time we start thinking about what is Lebron going to do.