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Isiah Thomas : What You May Not Know

ZEKE Sometimes public perception of a person can flat out lead to a bad rap. Such is the case when it comes to NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas. I still remember when the dream team was put together back in 1992 and one of the games best players was left off the team due to….well ..some strange reasons. Since then the more things change the more they remain the same. The smiling assassin on the basketball court it appears has watched his character be assassinated off it. There have been some serious allegations that i am not privy to as far as actual facts.

I agree with writer Marcus Bright who wrote in the Huffington Post that he does not believe that Isiah Thomas would condone any form of discrimination in the workplace. Bright wrote that Thomas has been and continues to be a strong advocate for women and families — especially in the workplace. Bright noted that Thomas learned a whole lot from his mother Mary Thomas when it comes to respecting and honoring women.

Recently much has been written and there has been a public outcry because James Dolan accepted Thomas being part of the owner of the New York Liberty. Folks have had some very unflattering remarks in regard to Thomas because of a sexual harassment case when he was accused while employed by the New York Knicks. Madison Square Garden settled the case out of court. Yes the case was settled, does that mean he was guilty ? There is a difference right ? Here is an excerpt from Marcus Bright’s column in the Huffington Post, he wrote ..

” Ironically, what has not been emphasized by the critics in their vilification and demonization of Thomas was the incredible impact that he has made off of the basketball court. The purpose of this article is to assist national and local media outlets and critics with some of the things that they have been omitted when it comes to describing the life and legacy of Isiah Thomas. This is sorely needed given the full blown, one-sided character assassination attempt that has taken place over the last month “.

It’s just interesting that so much more of the good things that Isiah Thomas has done never makes it to the headlines but there seemed to be a media frenzy at the thought of him running a women’s professional basketball team. When you consider the recent history of Thomas in New York sports are we surprised that some folks raised an eyebrow ? Probably not but i will tell you this. After briefly meeting Thomas in person, after a few on air radio interviews and reading so much about his community work that i was not aware of. I am left still quite impressed by him as an individual. I am not saying Isiah thomas has never stolen a cookie out of the cookie jar just simply pointing out that at times the smear campaign can appear to be a bit too well orchestrated.

Too often we hear about the bad things athletes may have done or been accused of doing. Too often we see negative images of athletes in handcuffs, in courtrooms, in scandals or worse. It would be nice if the national media would go after the good stories as well. Like Detroit Native and ABC analyst Jalen Rose who graduated 100 percent of his class at his Jalen Rose Leadership Academy this year. The school was started in 2011 and many of the students are now headed to Michigan State, the University of Michigan and other schools. Among those in attendance at the commencement ceremony and speaking with students. Rapper Big Sean and oh yes, Isiah Thomas. I wonder how many of those who are so quick to judge Isiah Thomas knew of some of the many wonderful community work he participated in. It was very kind of writer Marcus Bright to point out so many of Thomas’ endeavors in his article but somehow i think the critics will receive such news with a little less enthusiasm.

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