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Is it the NBA playoffs or nah?

Things are definitely getting very testy in these conference semifinals and officials are reminding us just who exactly is calling the shots.  The HEAT vs. Bulls series has been very intense thus far with several technicals, ejections, flagrant and hard fouls.  Every series is currently tied 1-1.  Every player seems to be locked in, and it has definitely brought out a lot of emotions.  No matter what team(s) you are rooting for, this has been one of the most exciting playoffs in a long while so far.

We also have a couple of players who are rising to the occasion and making big baskets left and right.  A very underrated Mike Conley for the Memphis Grizzlies is having his coming out party here in the playoffs. Conley, a fearless lefty point guard, is taking his game to the next level and has made it clear that the Grizzlies will go as far as he goes.  And then we have Steph Curry, another guard, of the Golden State Warriors is having the season of his life.  The shots that he has made so far in these playoffs have been unbelievable.  He has just been unreal…to the point where I want him to show us his long form birth certificate.  His stock is definitely on the rise.

We have a very pivotal Game 3 coming up, and I cannot wait for the action.  What are your thoughts on the playoffs thus far?  Who are you picking in each series and for the Finals? Let me hear from you…


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Ed Sylvain is one half of the Sports Brothers. A 15 + year radio veteran, Ed spends his time now in the Education field. He concentrates his writings on the psychology of sports, writing on the social climate that affects the sports and non sports world.