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Is Dan Jennings Already on the Hot Seat?

After losing back to back games as manager of the Miami Flounders er Marlins, is it safe to assume the Dan Jennings is already on the coaching hot seat? Marlins owner and resident idiot savant minus the savant part, Jeffrey Loria brought Dan Jennings and all his coaching experience down from the front office to motivate a lackluster team and after 2 games, Loria cannot be happy with what he has seen so far. I wonder if Loria has already begun to think about calling a press conference to fire Jennings in his big, pumpkin shaped head.
It is easy to infer that Loria hiring Jennings was a way for Loria to be in the dugout calling the game; something he has longed to do. I mean a brilliant baseball guy like Jennings, as many said he is, would let a left reliever pitched to 4 straight righties after facing only 1 lefty batter. Anyone with some baseball sense would know that isn’t such a brilliant move, but not to Loria.

When Loria signed Stanton and vowed to surround him with talent I was hesitant to believe him. When he signed free agents I was hesitant still.

Why was I hesitant?

Well it’s Jeffrey Loria. His ego is as big as his head and it is hard to believe anything is bigger than that watermelon that sits on his shoulders. Plus when has Jeffrey Loria done anything rational?

6 different managers since 2010. That stat should scare Dan Jennings. He will be more than likely #7. I say right around the 4th of July we can expect David Samson to say that they had an out of the box idea and that the perfect candidate to run the team is no other than Jeffrey Loria.

Loria ruined baseball in Montreal and he wrote a Peanuts art related book. Of course he knows how to manage a baseball game. How dare we question him and his actions.

In all seriousness, Dan Jennings does need to look over his shoulder because Jeffrey Loria is there. It doesn’t take much for Loria to get the itch to fire someone. That itch for Loria to fire someone flares up more than a case of genital herpes.

I wonder if Jeffrey Loria will go through managers the way Paris Hilton goes through men. He sure is acting like he wants to catch up to her.

No matter what the pumpkin headed, self appointed king of the Marlins does, it doesn’t bode well for Dan Jennings. So please Dan enjoy your time, I’m sure it will be short.