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I’ll Miss You Miko

Maybe the majority of Dolphin fans won’t agree with me, but I’m going to miss Miko Grimes now that Brent has signed with Tampa. Why would I miss her you ask? She was honest and real, but in a way that put a lot of people off. There was truth to what she said, but the manner in which she said it turned the majority of people off, except me. I couldn’t get enough of Miko.

Who is going to give their husband an inappropriate cake for his birthday the way Miko did? Whoever decorated that cake had some serious talent. Don’t you agree?

Who is going to trash her husband’s team QB the way Miko does? I mean she went in on Ryan Tannehill and for good reason. He sucks and everyone but Dolphin fans know this. His teammates know this and obviously his teammate’s wives know this too. She just wasn’t going to pussyfoot around the topic. Miko was the grab you by the balls type and tell you what is what and who is who. I can appreciate that kind of woman.

Who is going to headbutt a cop tailgating like Miko? In a world where cops are killing it’s citizens at an alarming rate, Miko stood up for herself and let the police office know she is a ride or die type chic.

Who else will go after Dolphin reporters like Miko? Miko had no love for the local newspaper reporters covering the Dolphins. The three A’s as she would refer to them, were often her target of choice. And to be honest, these guys are no Barry Jackson so I can sort of see where she is coming from.

Do you see the pattern? Miko was awesome to have around. Her manner in which she shared how she truly felt will be forever missed by me now that she has gone dark on social media. Call me crazy but I believed every word she ever said negatively about the Dolphins and who do Dolphin fans have now to show them that what is being forced fed to them is absolute garbage?

So long Miko. I’ll miss you. I’ll miss you on 560AM. I’ll miss you on Twitter. This is not goodbye, it’s more of until we meet again if we ever met in the first place etc.