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Houston, We Have A Problem

I’m not one to talk about my political beliefs or push my ideology onto others. I’ve always felt like with a million screaming voices out there would mine be heard? And after hearing the disrespectful comments from Houston Texans owner, Bob McNair, I see now that I’m wrong. My voice needs to be heard just like millions out there. No longer can we sit idly by and let the blatant ignorance and hate continue.

For the past month or so the whole debate about whether NFL players should stand during the National Anthem or continue to kneel has been raging from the incendiary and moronic tweets from a feeble minded President to every new outlet that was looking to boost their ratings. And in the middle of all that are the two sides for this debate, bickering back and forth each trying to out do the other.

I’ve seen the comments, heard the slurs hurled at players, the jerseys burnt in anger over an issue many do not understand. “Stop disrespecting the flag” they say. Other chant, “You’re disrespecting our soldiers.” They’re fake and misplaced outrage echoes into the far reaches of social media and the news, but yet they’re not addressing the real issue.

Racism. Double standards. Police brutality. That is what the protests are about. It’s not about a flag or the military it’s about raising awareness for these issues that have long plagued our nation but have hid in the shadows until technology made it more prevalent to display and capture these issues for all to see.

The problem the NFL has isn’t players kneeling or locking arms in unison. It’s those owners who still have that master/slave mentality and think of the players as their property. To have them do as their told or fear a punishment from the master.

The NFL owners met recently to talk about a solution to their “problem” and Texans owner Bob McNair, who stand in unison with Jerry Jones, a staunch supporter of forcing players to stand, said for all to hear, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

That is his view of NFL players, as inmates and he’s one of the wardens. Of course he apologize and tried to backtrack his remarks. You can’t backtrack ignorance Bob. Just like the those khaki wearing, torch carrying racists, you’ve taken off the hood of who you truly are.

Upon hearing the comments made from the Texans owner, several Texan players including DeAndre Hopkins left the practice facility. I hope everyone of those Texan players and coaches take a knee in continued protests over the social injustices and I hope they take a knee in honor of Bob McNair.

The sad part about the kneeling during the anthem is that the narrative has been forced to change. Now it’s all about disrespecting a flag and the military. The same military to fights for us to have the freedoms to protest as guaranteed in our 1st amendment and to the same flag where we pledge our allegiance to and utter the words, “liberty and justice for all.”

And the justice for all doesn’t apply if you’re black. A cop can kill you and they get off with no jail time. A frat boy can rape a knocked out woman and get 2 months in jail. If you’re black you get 15 years and more often than not, DNA will exonerate you, but the justice system doesn’t care because it doesn’t work for you.

A white male can resist arrest while holding a weapon and the police will do everything they can to talk them out of it. A black man can be lying on the ground with his hands up telling the police he is a doctor and the guy sitting on the ground beside him has a mental issue and the cops still fire their guns at you.

That is the bullshit these players are protesting. It’s not the flag. It’s not the military. It’s been the same battle they’ve been waging since the end of slavery; equality and justice for all.

For all those ignorant people shouting that the players should stand because they get paid millions to play a game, you’re also part of the problem. Voicing your anger saying that kneeling for the national anthem isn’t the right platform for their protests; then what is? You fail to see that you’re exercising your 1st amendment trying to admonish these players all the while trying to take away their right to protest. Again the double standard.

For all the racist bigots like Donald Trump or the NFL owners who still have the master/slave mentality like Bob McNair and Jerry Jones, the protests must go on. The revolution doesn’t end because they try to stop it. The revolution ends when change has happened and not until we are all treaty equally will the revolution end.

They can call you names. Hurl insults at you, throw things at you, but we must keep protesting until our voices are heard and changes have been made. We no longer sit idly by and think this too shall pass. We will not go quietly into the night. We will not back down.

Freedom and justice for all. For all. Not just a select portion of the population, but for all.