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Heat Fans Turn on Bosh

Being the avid Bosh basher that I am, I’m amused to see how quickly Heat fans have turned on Bosh. I guess making a few guest appearances in the Pacers series and grabbing only 5 boards while hanging around the 3 point line last night was enough to release the anger towards Bosh. If you listened to the Freeman and Fox show on 560AM after the game you would have heard fans carrying torches and pitchforks demanding that the Heat turn Bosh over to them. And if you thought the vitriol was bad on air then you should have seen the treatment he was getting on Twitter.

Caller after caller, tweet after tweet was nothing but people blaming Chris Bosh for the Heat’s Game 1 loss to the San Antonio Spurs last night. I understand if you’re not a Heat fan blaming Bosh, but it felt like it was nothing but Heat fans bashing Bosh. The hate and anger was to the point I forgot they were talking about Bosh and thought it was about KG instead. How can you be a Heat fan and bash your own player like that? I think fans should protect and stand up for their players but Heat fans were going after Bosh as if he was Joakim Noah. At least Joakim rebounds right Heat fans?

If you’re surprised that Bosh doesn’t rebound and hangs outside of the paint then you haven’t been watching the Heat play for very long. That is his game. Maybe he had a traumatic experience late in life where he is afraid of the paint. Maybe flashbacks of Hibbert and West were like visions of sugar-plums dancing in his head. I don’t know, but if you think he is going to back down players the way Duncan or KG does then you’re sorely mistaken. Bosh is a “finesse player” who, for a big man, has a sweet jump shot and he has been prone to fall in love with his jump shot instead of driving to the basket. Bosh wasn’t brought here to camp out in the paint, he was brought here to spread the floor for Lebron and Wade. If Bosh takes his defender out of the paint then Wade and Lebron have less people to maneuver around as they drive to the basket. Bosh is nothing more than an expensive decoy who gets the ball here and there to give the illusion he is an integral part of team. His best magic trick is disappearing when there is a rebound to be had. After last night’s game, Heat fans had enough of the magic tricks and the only disappearing act they were calling for was Bosh from the game.

I wonder if Bosh grabbed 8 boards and hit 50% of his shots from 3 point land would fans be calling for his head or placing the blame on him for the loss? Bosh was overrated and over paid when he came to the Heat, it’s just now the secret is out. He was use to being the best player on a bad team and his numbers were inflated because he got the ball all the time on the Raptors because honestly, who else on those teams could score?

Are Heat fans putting too much pressure on Bosh to be something he is not, a prolific rebounder and low post player? Or are Heat fans realizing that the 3 Kings moniker given to Wade, Lebron and Bosh was more of a facade and its more like the King, the Prince and the Pauper? What ever Heat fans are thinking, it is abundantly clear they’re not happy with Bosh. Somewhere Jeffrey Loria is smiling because today he is not the most hated on man in Miami and that is sad.

It will be real interesting to see how Bosh will respond to all this negatively and criticism he receiving from not only the media but the Heat fan base. How much longer of mediocre play from Bosh before fans start chanting for him to be traded? I already hear the sound of beating drums off in the distance. Fans on Twitter are already calling for Bosh to be locked in a closet for the 4th quarter, a bit much if you ask me. One thing is clear though, fans online and on air have turned on Bosh and it will take him dominating the rest of the series to bring the love back from the fans.

The other side of this coin are the Heat fans and sometimes their unrealistic expectations. Seriously Bosh will never average 20 and 10 in a season let alone the playoffs. Learn to temper your expectations. Bosh should give you 15 and 8 nightly and that is pretty good. The Heat aren’t going to win every game and after every loss there is no need to act like the world is ending. Turning on Bosh and blaming him for the loss is like saying Marino was the reason why the Dolphins never won the Super Bowl. One person is not to blame but Bosh is an easy target, I get it. Bosh is just a peacock and Heat fans need to let him fly: