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Freeman & Fox 15 Minute Blitz

Our friend Bomani Jones filled in for one of the Mikes on ESPN’s Mike and Mike yesterday and wore a “Caucasians” shirt, which featured a parody of the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo logo. After saying that he chose to wear the shirt because “it was clean,” Jones discussed the idea behind it: It would be weird to have the Caucasians as a sports mascot, so why is a baseball team still called the Indians?

We had to give Bomani some props for making a stand and offered some quick thoughts on “Bomani-Gate”. Plus Fox to give up his Laker-Dom post Kobe ?

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Ed is one half of the Sports Brothers. He has been in the radio industry for 14 years working in several formats including urban and talk. Upon returning to Miami in 2006 and working at WTPS, he and Jeff Fox were paired up and started The Sports Brothers.