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Floppin’ ain’t easy; list of NBA’s top floppers

paul flops
When the flop rule came into being, a lot of people wondered how the league would enforce it. Easy. If you continously flop, you get fined.

Here’s a list of the leagues biggest floppers, along with a rather funny video of the best of I mean Chris Paul’s flops. Dude should win an Oscar.

Barea, J.J. (MIN)*
Evans, Reggie (BKN)*
Martin, Kevin (OKC)*
Wallace, Gerald (BKN)*
Asik, Omer (HOU)
Ayon, Gustavo (ORL)
Billups, Chauncey (LAC)
Brewer, Corey (DEN)
Evans, Tyreke (SAC)
Ivey, Royal (PHI)
Pachulia, Zaza (ATL)
Parker, Tony (SAS)
Patterson, Patrick
Paul, Chris (LAC)
Sloan, Donald (CLE)
Watson, C.J. (BKN)

*fined $5,000 by the league

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