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Fans Need To Stop Voting

Every time there is an opportunity for fans to vote for something whether it’s the All-Star game, the Pro Bowl or the best toilet bowl cleaner I cringe. I cringe because these fans will always vote the most undeserving players in. Always. Hell every time they vote Dwight Howard to start in an All-Star game I cry a little Denzel Washington Glory tear.

I understand the NBA, NFL, MLB etc. want fan participation but there has to come a time when the fans voting for something like an All-Star game needs to end. This year Kobe Bryant was elected by the fans after playing maybe a handful of game to the All-Star game. Surprisingly Kobe said he was honored but there were more deserving players and he asked the NBA to find a suitable replacement for him. You give the fans an opportunity to vote for their favorite players regardless of how bad poorly their season is or if they’re injured 10 out of 10 times they will vote for their favorite player. I get it, but when Jeremy Lin was in the running last year to be a starter I had enough.

I haven’t voted for anything since 1999. That was when the MLB All-Star game was at Fenway Park and being a huge Red-Sox fan, there was no way I was going to let Derek Jeter start over Nomar Garciaparra at SS at Fenway for the All-Star game. It wasn’t going to happen. I took every All-Star ballot they had at Joe Robbie Stadium (before Landshark, Sunlife, Dolphins etc.) and punched out Nomar’s name. Sure I felt relieved when Nomar started at SS, but I vowed never to vote again because the system is flawed. It’s flawed because fans could rig it.

Coaches and players should be the ones voting for players. Their intimate knowledge of the game and players would allow them to better select deserving players. Be honest did Dywane Wade deserve to be a starter? Did Kobe? To the 360,000 fans who voted for Derrick Rose, did you think he was really mentally ready to play in the All-Star game this year? Every year at every All-Star game or what not, it’s the same players over and over. Why? It’s because fans voted. Fans is an abbreviation of the word fanatic and these fanatics need to stop holding onto the jock straps of their favorite players.

You ever have a friend who fell in love and they only hear, see their loved one? Like nothing else exists? That is what a fan is. They see only how great their favorite player is and will throw shade on anyone who dares says otherwise. I’m all for being loyal, but let’s not vote like an idiot. I know it’s hard for some of you to vote intelligently because well you voted for injured players to start, but can you try to vote with a little more common sense next time? Please?

What kills me is that all these rule changing, do it my way or else commissioners are ok with fans dictating who starts. It’s bad enough Roger Goodell made the NFL a flag football sport and yet he allows people to vote for Eli Manning to be in the Pro Bowl? I implore all commissioners, owners, players etc. to ask that fans no longer vote for anything of importance. Its not like they’re voting for their God given rights to have guns, watch Duck Dynasty and marry their daughter. Ok, I apologize to the small segment of residents of Arkansas I just offended. Or we can make it interesting. Let the fans vote survivor style to see which lousy owner gets to keep their team. I’d vote for that. Sorry Loria, I will break my promise and call over and over and vote you out. I’m not sorry, he still needs to go and that is why fans shouldn’t be allowed to vote for anything.