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Erik Spoelstra Should be Coach of the Year

The Miami Heat won’t win 45 games or reach the NBA Finals, but that won’t stop me from pushing the idea of Erick Spoelstra as Coach of the Year. This is by far and away his best coaching performance as an NBA head coach. Even better than when he coached the Big 3 of Lebron, Wade and Bosh.

When I was at the the Heat’s media day back at the beginning of the season I thought the Heat would be a lottery team. Lucky to crack double digits in wins. They had two recognizable names in Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside, both who probably were headed to other teams at the trade deadline, but thanks to Erik Spoelstra, they’re now fighting for their playoff lives.

I said it. The Miami Heat with their rag tag ensemble of D league and minimum salary vets are fighting for their playoff lives. All thanks to the extraordinary coaching efforts of their head coach Erik Spoelstra. He has far outshined all the other coaches in the NBA with his less than stellar roster, but yet he has found a way for them to listen and compete on a nightly basis.

Sure Steve Kerr, Popovich or Brad Stevens get more national headlines, but Erik Spoelstra deserves his share. I won’t lie, I was never a Spoelstra fan, but watching him this season might have changed that. The way he orchestrates the play calling with that lineup is nothing short of spectacular. I don’t know how he does. How he motivates those no name players to excel but he has this season.

If the Miami Heat do make the playoffs then Erik Spoelstra should get a serious look into winning Coach of the Year. There isn’t too many rosters lacking talent the way the Miami Heat do and still make the playoffs. At one time it might have been Wade and Lebron’s team, but it is clear to see that the Miami Heat are now Erik Spoelstra’s.