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Dwyane Wade sends a message to fathers on “our day” (video)

Dwyane Wade has made his millions and gained popularity on the NBA court. But ever since he gained custody of his two boys after a highly publicized divorce, Wade seems to be known as much as a father as he is a basketball player. Sure he’s a fashion lover and a pitchman for several products. More and more he’s being seen as a father, who is an athlete second. And he doesn’t mind in it that order either.

He was selected to be on President Obama’s Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative. His dad, Dwyane Wade Sr. runs an organization called Pro Pops USA. He’s releasing a book in September about his journey as a father and a superstar NBA player.

On Fathers Day in Miami as his Heat team finished off the OKC thunder to take a 2-1 series lead, he took a few seconds to drop this exclusively for as he was leaving the press room.

Father first, athlete second. You can see it in Wade’s eyes as he talks about his boys, that this is the order he prefers it.

Oh…and speaking of fashion…check out his footwork that he wore on Sunday night. Fresh huh?

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