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Dwight Howard Is Annoyingly Singing to Fans

I’m not buying it. I know #12 is a dude with personality and that is something that is missing from today’s athlete. They either don’t want to show it or don’t have any. But when you string along a franchise for a year, lie to our faces about how you didn’t say anything to management about wanting your coach fired, and don’t show up for your own basketball camp in O-Town…you fall into the a-hole category with me.

The only thing good that this whole Dwight-mare did was take a lot of the negative light off of Lebron. But Lebron is such a much bigger star than him, that there is still a little dark cloud that will continue to hang over LBJ, at least until he wins another championship.

But in the meantime, #12 is happy getting adjusted in La La land, getting acclimated to his new surroundings, team and coaches.

While we wait about 18 days before camps open, he drops this on us. I am not amused.

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