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Drake is Basketball’s Biggest Groupie

Watching Drake at Game 7 of the Raptors and Nets playoff game, I thought to myself, “What if the Raptors lose, how long before Drake is at all the Heat games?” and I thought to myself he is the epitome of a bandwagon fan. Then I realized like all the strippers and prostitutes that travel to every big NBA game or All-Star weekend, Drake does the same thing. Like he is trying to get with all the big names. Always trying to party with them and get his picture taken with them. Just like a true groupie, except this groupie has groupies of his own.

Now I know Drake is a big name in hip hop and like most big name artists he goes to the big games because he can. Sure he may be the big thing right now but in all honesty if he was an artist back when hip hop was at it’s peak of real artists, people wouldn’t be comparing him to the best because in all honesty, Drake is the Spandau Ballet of hip hop. Proof below:

You ever notice that Drake is always wearing the jersey of the home team of the game he is at and then when he gets interviewed about the game, he talks about how much of a fan he is of the home team and how he has supported them forever? It is like he needs attention or something. Like he is a puppy and nobody wants to play fetch with him. Like, “Hey look at me. I’m Drake and I’m at the game. I love this team.”


Seeing him mingling with all the basketball players, posing for pictures of them is about as awkward as Justin Beiber walking out with Floyd Mayweather. It just doesn’t look natural.

Drake is a basketball groupie

The player’s facial experessions when interacting with Drake look like they’re just being nice about hime because they don’t want him to write a sad love song, I mean a hardcore hip hop song about them.


Granted if we all had the money that Drake has we would go to the big games too. I’m not saying he is a groupie for that. He is a groupie because he wants to get the attention of all the players and wants to interact with them as if he was trying to audition for a spot on Basketball Wives.


Like a groupie, Drake will do anything to get next to player. This year he was a spectacle, er participated in the Dunk Contest. He even hoisted the trophy of 2013 Slam Dunk Champion, Terrance Ross as Ross was introduced during this year’s contest. Like a true groupie doing anything for the spotlight with the athletes.


I wonder if Drake asks his groupies for tips on how to get in with the basketball players. Maybe ask them what Dwyane Wade likes or what cologne Derrick Rose prefers.


I know rappers and athletes have a mutual respect for each other, but Drake takes it to another level. He tries too hard. He may be a Grammy award winner but these players treat him like a nominee.

Whether its college or NBA, he always seems to try to find a way to interact with the players. In Game 7 he was pacing the sidelines as if he was the coach pondering if using a back screen on the baseline would free Lowry for an uncontested 3 in the left corner. Just sit and watch the game. Do you see Jay-Z pacing? No he sits there watches the game like a fan and not a groupie.



While Drake has secured his spot as Basketball’s biggest groupie, he is learning from Evelyn Lozada that he needs to be a multi-sport groupie. If I was Johnny Manziel I would be scared. Going to basketball games with Drake leads to him giving you shoulder massages as you leave the court and even him watching you on tv wearing your jersey while posting pics of it on Instagram. I won’t he mentioned how he “rapped” about Manziel in a song. Why not just sit outside his bedroom window serenading him with the best works of Shakespeare?





I understand Drake loves basketball. I love it too, I’m just not there trying to hug on players and sneak into locker rooms to celebrate with them. Groupies try to sneak in and hug players.

I wonder if when Drake is with his groupies and they say I heard Kevin Durant is at this club and he says he’ll be right back and 45 minutes later on Instagram there is a pic of Drake up in the club with KD? Sounds plausible right?

Basketball and sports in general has plenty of female groupies that are out to get knocked up by athletes so they can get paid or what not. I’m not sure what reasons Drake has for being a groupie but he needs to man up and stop being a groupie. Maybe these players just want to say hello and that is it. Maybe they don’t want to hang out at the clubs with you or take a ride in your new car. You know Drake, no new friends right?