So here we are again, in another playoff year with the Miami Heat, and some things have changed, while some things have stayed the same. Let’s start with the changes.

This years Miami Heat has a

  • better all around team and chemistry
  • a deeper bench
  • a better Lebron James
  • a new baby on the way for Chris Bosh

Now, the things that are the same are

  • Dwyane Wade playing injured in the playoffs
  • Heat fans not using perspective when discussing his role with the team.

I just have one simple message for Heat fans and media who are complaining about the Wade they are seeing night in and night out. SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH AND DON’T EVER DOUBT D WADE AGAIN!!!

It doesn’t make sense and I”m sick and tired of trying to make sense of it. Chicago Bulls fans have been crying, begging and pleading with their star Derrick Rose to come back and give their team and city a lift as they have battled in these playoffs.  Game 7 came upon us in Brooklyn, and Bulls faithful thought they would surely see Rose suit up for this do or die game. NOPE. Joakim Noah guaranteed a victory and delivered. Without Rose.

I’m on the record and have documented how I thought he should have came back earlier in this series when the Bulls looked like the walking dead. I can understand how Bulls fans will complain about this.

But what I don’t understand is why Miami Heat fans continue to complain about a guy who is visibly hurt and not 100%…BUT HE’S GIVING THEM MINUTES ON THE FLOOR! Somebody help me please understand this.

It became more evident to me on Monday night when Wade was bumped in the knee by Jimmy Butler that he isn’t right. He left play for a few minutes. I feared the worst. I thought he was done for the series if not the immediate future. Then lo and behold, I hear the announcer say a few minutes later “Dwyane Wade is back at the scorers table getting ready to check in”. WTF?

Okay so maybe he isn’t as hurt as I originally thought. Well that would be better then. Let him come back in and try to get things going.

But then I thought, “wow something is really wrong with Wade if he’s still hurt after all of this rest the team has had since eliminating the Bucks and resting for 8-10 days”. Now with this series with the Bulls looking to end on Wednesday night, what will more rest (and rust) do to this team and more importantly Wade? Is rest the answer, or dare I say….surgery?

Skip Bayless and I think along the same lines here.

Whatever the outcome, Heat fans and media pundits have seen this before with Wade, and should not expect a different outcome.

Is he hurt? Yes.

Is he giving the team something other than 25 points per game? Yes.

Is he injured? Possibly.

Is he Derrick Rose? No.

Now…about this capri suit…



Kevin Hart does not approve


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