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Don’t blame Jay Cutler for everything

Chicago's problem isn't Jay Cutler

Chicago’s problem isn’t Jay Cutler

The Chicago Bears were awful this season, finishing last in their division with a 5-11 record. Most Bear’s fans are screaming for the trade or firing of quarterback Jay Cutler. While Cutler did have a bad year, it’s impossible to only blame him. Several actions during the year have contributed to Cutler’s poor performance, including but not limited to mistrust throughout the organization.

It’s no surprise most fans had little trust in Cutler when he played, given his record and the size of the 7-year, $126 million contract he signed with the Bears. What is surprising is that an anonymous source had told the media that the Bears have “buyer’s remorse” on Cutler. It was later found out that the anonymous source was Bears offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer. No wonder Cutler played as poorly as he did given that the coach that calls the offensive plays has no trust in you. Why would someone want to play for a coach who doesn’t believe in you? Why would you want to succeed? For fans to say they don’t like Cutler is one thing, as there are always going to be fans who disagree with Quarterbacks. But for a coach to say this? That is downright pathetic. Kromer should consider himself the luckiest person in the world if he ever gets another NFL job again after those comments.

Another problem has been the intense pressure put on Cutler to win. Bears fans almost expect him to win every single game during the season. Putting this in perspective, Tom Brady only went 16-0 during the regular season once, and he then lost the Super Bowl. The intense pressure to win has got to be taking a huge toll on Cutler’s confidence, despite all the good things that Cutler has done for the organization. Fans are quick to forget that Cutler took the Bears to the 2010 NFC Championship game, where he almost beat the eventual Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers had he not exited the game with an MCL sprain. Had Cutler kept playing, which he did want to, doctors have said that he could have torn his ACL, potentially ending his career.

For fans that want Chicago to win, the answer is simple: Support your Quarterback. He is the best offensive weapon that Chicago has. The road to the Super Bowl goes through Cutler. Back him up once in a while and he will produce. Pretty simple to do. Now start doing it.

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