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Dolphins Need to Call Colin Kapernick

When Ryan Tannehill went down with an apparent knee injury in practice, the Dolphins should have been on the phone with Colin Kapernick’s agent right after they got Tannehill’s MRI. Even if he was to back up Matt Moore in case Tannehill’s injury is severe enough that he has to miss time, Kapernick is the best choice for the Dolphins. What other quarterback is available out there who is in shape and has NFL starting experience? Jay Cutler? No one with an unbiased opinion of Kapernick would pick Jay Cutler over him.

While is still boggles the mind that Kapernick doesn’t have a job in the NFL, now is a better time than any to give him one. He gives the Dolphins a much needed attribute they will need with Tannehill’s injury; experience. He took a team to Super Bowl. When was the last time you could say that about a Miami quarterback?

Why would the Dolphins consider even calling Jay Cutler? Just because someone played for a coach doesn’t mean he is the right fit. Cutler has been preparing for a television gig, not a starting quarterback job. Do the Dolphins really want Cutler under center? His reputation for disasters is remarkable. Just ask Chicago.

What do the Dolphins have to lose with Kapernick? Are they afraid of a media circus? I think they would welcome all this attention. When was the last time all eyes were on the Dolphins?

Kapernick is not only the best choice, he is the only choice Dolphins should have to help with the quarterback situation while Tannehill recovers. He is a playmaker and a proven player in the NFL. How many other team’s can say they have a backup quarterback on their team who led their previous team to the Super Bowl? The Dolphins need to look past the ignorant comments about his political positions and focus on what really matters; how he performs on the field. He is a winner and the Dolphins need a little bit of that right now.