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Dolphins are Playing with Fire

The Miami Dolphins are playing with fire when it comes to Jarvis Landry and his contract. Jarvis Landry has already expressed his displeasure with the process and he can and will walk away from the Miami Dolphins organization if a deal cannot be worked out. Why risked your biggest playmaker and your most consistent player for the past three years over a contract dispute? Jarvis Landry deserves to be paid, yet the Dolphins are unwilling to meet Jarvis and his agent at a price point that works for everyone.

The only logical reason the Miami Dolphins are refusing to go past a certain amount is that they don’t believe Jarvis is a #1 receiver and won’t pay him like one. Jarvis is built like a bigger Julian Edelman and puts up Julian Edelman like number for the Dolphins. For his career, Landry has produced 400 catches for 4,038 yards and 22 touchdowns. Pretty impressive for a wide receiver who hasn’t had a true NFL starting quarterback throw the ball to him.

If the Dolphins remain steadfast in their desire not to pay top dollar for Landry’s services they will be left without their biggest weapon on offense. Yes Kenny Still is a good receiver, but he isn’t a game changer like Jarvis Landry. DeVante Parker? That guy spends more time on the IR than he does on the field. He is the quintessential definition of a draft bust. And Julius Thomas is not that far behind him on a bad signing either.

It baffles people that the Dolphins were willing to give $10 million dollars for the season’s worth of painful Jay Cutler moments, but won’t pay Jarvis Landry. The Dolphins are playing with fire and will get burned faster than Michael Jackson’s hair at a Pepsi commercial shoot if they let Jarvis walk. It would hurt even more if he went to New England and made an even bigger name for himself. Anyone remember Wes Welker? Do you Miami Dolphins?