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Dolphin Fans Not Excited Yet

Rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill became the 17th different starter for the Miami Dolphins since Dan Marino hung em up, this past weekend against the Carolina Panthers . Well Tannehill’s jersey number is actually seventeen, surely that’s a sign of good fortune to come is’nt it? Well is’nt it? At this point Miami Dolphin fans are frantically searching for any reason to believe that “this” will finally be the year this football team rediscovers that magical winning formula. Well so far in the pre season not much has changed at all, the dolphins sit at 0-2 after two games with two more preseason games to go. The truth is preseason games don’t mean a lot, actually they don’t mean anything at all. When the games do count everybody will be 0-0 and we start all over except this time its for real. So the goal in the preseason is to find the diamond in the rough, some unexpected contribution or big play ability from somebody, anybody. To see if the team can find some sort of rhythm on offense, defense or special teams. Never base your expectations on what you see in the preseason, thankfully for the dolphins that notion does hold true. They have been flat out, awful.
“ We haven’t stopped anybody,” head coach Joe Philbin said after the most recent loss to the Panthers. “We haven’t tackled real well, we haven’t gotten off the field on third down. We haven’t gotten a good pass rush. I mean, I guess I better stop there”.
I see a disturbing trend developing with this football team. Something that has plagued them for years, no playmakers. No playmakers on offense, no playmakers on defense. When that happens you generally stink as a football team. We keep hoping for one of these young wide receivers Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace or Clyde Gates to show some sort of growth and game breaking ability. It has not happened yet, questions linger all over this roster. Maybe when the lights go on, so will the energizer bunny in one of these guys. Maybe somebody on defense will become a ball hawking tyrant. Maybe someone on offense can spark that group and actually give opposing teams something to fear. I mean when your best receiver is Davonne Bess…then,…um …nevermind.

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Ed is one half of the Sports Brothers. He has been in the radio industry for 14 years working in several formats including urban and talk. Upon returning to Miami in 2006 and working at WTPS, he and Jeff Fox were paired up and started The Sports Brothers.