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Do the Marlins Still Play in Miami?

Do you know what the biggest surprise in Miami sports was in June and it wasn’t the Miami Heat repeating as champions? It was the Miami Marlins having the one of the best records for the month of June in baseball. You read that right, the Marlins were actually winning. I’m sure most people except close friends, if he has any, and family of Jeffrey Loria forgot the Marlins were still playing here in Miami. Mimes have been making more noise than the Marlins have been but things are slowly, starting to turn around, but lets not get ahead of ourselves its Loria we’re talking about. The most volatile, loathed and hated owner in Miami sports history.

I know having one winning month in a season isn’t something to be boastful about but no one expected the Marlins to win that many games in a season let alone a month to the tune of 15 wins. These young kids like pitching phenom Jose Fernandez as well as rookie outfield Marcell Ozuna have been anchoring the turnaround with a healthy Giancarlo Stanton. Before we get all riled up for a postseason push, the Marlins are still in last place, but slowly moving up and the fan base that Loria has alienated isn’t coming back, even if they start winning.

The sad part about these kids playing their heart out, trying to prove that they can win is that there is no one in the stands to see them play. You have Loria to blame for that. No amount of Groupon deals or all you can eat specials will ever fill the stands at Marlins Stadium. We’ve been taken for a ride by Loria one too many times and we all know how the story ends. It ends with slashing payroll and trading talent because it’s economically viable according to him. Just sad that with all the revenue sharing money that the Marlins get Loria keeps it in his pockets. That money is only going to grow once the new television deal goes into place next season and the revenue from that doubles. So Loria can keep the kids playing at a cheap price while he profits and when the kids get to be too much he trades them for more inexpensive talent.

As much as jolted fans would love to go to the stadium to watch these kids play, no one will go because of the actions of Loria year after year. For those loyal supporters of Loria the Destroyer by stating he won a World Series, lets us remember John Henry built the team; Loria just inherited it and destroyed it a year later. Also for those saying his plan to go young his working, his plan has been and always will be to profit financially from his “talent” while proclaiming he isn’t making any money.

To those young kids on the Marlins playing every night to empty stands I would love to tell you it gets better, but I would be lying. I hope that the team continues to defy expectations by winning and raising attention in the baseball world. What I really hope for, which is good for all baseball and for the Miami Marlins, is that Commissioner Bud Selig would remove Jeffrey Loria as owner the way he removed Frank McCourt from owning the Dodgers. The Marlins, the city and the fans deserve a better class of owner than what Jeffrey Loria provides. Until then people will forget that the Marlins still play in Miami and are a professional baseball team.