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Dear Chris Bosh

Dear Chris,

It’s me. I know I’ve never been a big supporter of yours and I’ve even been known to be adamantly vocal about you being overpaid, but that is in the past.

I’m writing because I know you want to come back and play and as a fan who watch Reggie Lewis collapse during a playoff game against Charlotte, I don’t want to see you come back only to get ill again or even worse die like Reggie did 2 months later after he initially collapsed.

I’m not saying retire, but take your time and weigh your options. The game isn’t going anywhere, but if you keep getting blood clots and trying to play, well you might be going somewhere and you’re too young for that road.

I know you miss playing. Miss the guys, laughing and joking, but how does that compare to missing your wife and kids? Is playing again this season that important? Is it worth risking your life? Doctors are wrong sometimes and you should know this. They told you that your wouldn’t get these blood clots again and what happened? You got them again.

Just take your time is all that most of us are asking.

Best of luck and hope you have a speedy recovery.