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Dance Cam, Dance !!!

Cam Okay i have officially had it. I am absolutely sick and tired of the double standard that we see all too often from the mainstream media. All of this hoopla surrounding the Carolina Panthers beating the Tennessee Titans 27-10 to remain perfect and star quarterback Cam Newton sealing the win with a game clinching touchdown. Then he started to break it all down with a celebratory dance that seems to have ruffled a few feathers. Really people ? Are we going there ? Where is all the complaining when Aaron Rodgers does his “Discount Double check dance or whatever you wanna call it” ? Tom Brady exhibits passion and desire when he drops f… bombs and slams his helmet right ? I don’t hear you complaining !! I can go on and on. I just want to know what are some folks afraid of ? I have heard too many dumb comments about this victory dance by Newton to even acknowledge but i will tell you this. Let them hate. I hope he celebrates every other remaining touchdown like a Luke dancer. Who says you have to act a certain way ? Why is he being scrutinized while others are praised ?

Dabbb‼️ Congrats to a real soufside workaholic. My bro @cameron1newton .. much respect to you and ur team starting the season 9-0 .you put the work in,you get good results #TRU #WATCHOUT #TRAPAVELLITRE

Posted by 2 Chainz on Sunday, November 15, 2015

Let em get mad Cam, you gettin rich !! Do you my brother. Keep strutting your stuff, i still love my Raiders but this young brash, cocky, confident star quarterback for the Carolina Panthers just gained a new fan. Eat it haters.

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