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Damn Dee

Today is not a great day to wake up to be a Miami sports fan. Heat are on the brink of elimination. The Dolphins draft a kid who was basically set up to fail via social media by someone who was out to embarrass him and now the news Miami Marlins 2nd baseman, Dee Gordon, has been suspended 80 games by MLB for a failed drug test. First the Fat Boys break up and now this…..

It’s sad because not even 8 months after winning the batting title, he gets busted for PEDs. Now he will have to live out the rest of his days with people thinking he cheated and that is how he won his batting title. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t, but he will forever be tainted as a cheater. Lucky for him he signed his new big contract extension prior to getting caught. Sure he’ll miss 80 games, but he’ll still come out with a nice paycheck in the end.

The Marlins will miss his speed and defense over at 2nd base and will either have to cover for him with utility players or call someone up from the minors. To be honest there aren’t enough fans paying attention to the Marlins to even know who is playing etc. The only time fans show up is if Jose Fernandez is pitching.

When the Marlins have the chance to be a feel good story here in Miami, they always find a way to blow it. At least this time I can’t blame Jeffrey Loria for messing up the team. This was all Dee Gordon and Dee Gordon alone. What’s next? Is someone going to find a cork in Giancarlo’s bat? The Marlins can’t catch a break from the negative cloud that surrounds the team. Here’s to hoping the 80 games fly by and Dee can return to the team sometime in July and contribute.