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I Can’t Stand Lavar Ball

Every time I hear the name Lavar Ball I cringe as if I was going to the proctologist. Funny thing about that is Lavar Ball and a proctologist have a lot in common. Both are full of shit.

Where should I start? Maybe his claim that he could have beat Jordan one on one. Maybe it could be the comment where he said his son Lonzo can’t win with three white guys on the court. What about the claim that he only wanted the Lakers to draft his son.

Lonzo has never stepped foot on an NBA court and Lavar is already proclaiming him better than Steph Curry, Lebron and Russell Westbrook. I hope Lonzo can live up to the hype that his father is putting out there or he’ll have a shorter career than Lavar did playing basketball. Hell, even the USA Today labeled his comments as an “endless string of interviews full of cocky claims and premature promises, coupled with insults.

The latest insult is the new Z02 sneaker his Big Baller Brand released for his son. Ready for this? The price starts at $495. So a kid who has never scored an NBA basket has the most expensive shoe. At least double than the price of the latest pair of Jordans or Lebrons. Two superstar players have a sneaker cheaper than this con artist. His dream is to have sneakers for all three of his sons and have them generate over a billion dollars. To top off the craziness he is taunting people online saying if they cannot afford his sneaker than they’re not really a big baller. The audacity, especially from the guy who got pimped out by the Jets to the London Monarchs of the NFL Europe league.

Lavar Ball is that parent trying to capture glory through his kids. Those parents with all these demands, ruining any chances for their kids by their boorish behavior. It’s no wonder that Nike, Under Armour and other’s refused to do business with him. It’s not about his kids. It’s about Lavar. I hope Lonzo and the rest of his siblings are successful or they will find their careers cut short with no one knocking on their door, but their father. Can’t be a big baller if there are no ballers in the league to support him.