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Coach Richt Will Make Miami Great Again

The way i see it new Miami Hurricanes head coach Mark Richt is wasting no time in letting folks know that he intends to build a powerhouse in Coral Gables. As we get closer to opening day Coach Richt is using every opportunity to reconnect with the local talent in this very fertile recruiting ground known as South Florida. For the second time in less than a week Coach Richt visited Youth Football Leagues in Miami to talk pigskin with some wide eyed kids that he knows will one day be playing for their hometown team.


Coach Richt is preaching confidence to his players and Canes fans. He said “We expect to win every game” . He stressed that his football team has been focusing on strength and conditioning and he had very high praise for his signal caller Brad Kaaya. The Coach also mentioned that he is building “The U Network”. Not a TV Network but a plan he has in place for ex Canes to continue to be a part of this great tradition long past their playing days.


The initiative will be overseen by his wife, Katharyn, who will seek out those ex players who really want to contribute and continue to be a part of the Miami Hurricane legacy.

“It’s also going to be about reunion, it’s going to be about connection, but the main goal is going to be finding work for these guys. And I’m talking about the guys that truly want work. We’re not just going to give somebody something. They’ve got to do their part. Sometimes all they need is a little bit of help and guidance and connection, a little networking.”

Sounds good to me. It seems like some order is being restored around this program. We have been wanting to say those words…”The Canes Are Back” for a long time. It seems that we are finally at least on the road to being great again. Thanks to a great man and a great coach. Mark Richt.

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