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Calvin Johnson Retiring?

Even if you’re a casual fan of football, odds are you have heard of Calvin Johnson. “Megatron” as he was commonly called has apparently retired from the NFL per Adam Schefter. According to Schefter, Johnson was talking it over with the Detroit Lions Head Coach Jim Caldwell and came to a decision after the Lions season had ended. Johnson has provided the NFL with several highlight reels and even helped the Lions go to the playoffs a couple times, although they didn’t win any games in the playoffs.

Despite his human highlight reel, Jo0367667001444422839_filepickerhnson has also given the NFL the controversial “completing the catch” rule. This rule has been debated so many times that it should just be abolished altogether. It came about on the first game of the 2010 season when the Detroit Lions played the Chicago Bears. On the last drive of the game, Matthew Stafford threw what would have been a game winning touchdown to Johnson, but it was overturned because Johnson didn’t keep complete control of the ball throughout the entirety of the catch. This rule has been debated ever since that game and over five years later, we still have no idea what a catch is.  Johnson didn’t mean to create this rule, but he is still infamous for it.

Megatron was drafted 2nd overall by the Detroit Lions in the 2007 draft that included the likes of Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, and Greg Olson. If Johnson does plan on staying retired, he will retire as the Detroit Lions leading receiver. His career statistics include over 731 receptions for over 11,500 yards and 83 touchdowns. If this is true, then Detroit will have just lost one of the best receivers in the game. Good luck finding someone to replace what Megatron brought to the game. And to Calvin Johnson? Have fun in retirement as you have certainly earned it.

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