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Brent Grimes (and Miko) released from the Miami Dolphins

The news wasn’t shocking by the least bit. What was shocking and still is to this minute, is the lack of response by the opinionated wife of cornerback Brent Grimes, Miko.

After a few days of speculation, twitter rants and talk of “bullets”, the Miami Dolphins decided to part ways with arguably one of the better players on their defense the last few years. Say what you want to say about this past year, Brent Grimes was the epitome of lockdown before the season.
Did he get burnt a few times? What corner doesn’t?
Did he slow down a step? Sure. The Dolphins just signed a player some, including former team mates felt gave up or quit on his team.
Can the guy still play? Damn right. And just like he left Atlanta for Miami, and eventually went to 3 straight Pro Bowls, he’ll end up somewhere else and play out the rest of his career and end it on a high note.

Now, there is the issue of Miko Grimes and her unfiltered opinionated person. We (the sports bros) know Miko personally having worked with her at the local radio station. I’ve personally been to her house, hung out a little with her, Brent and son. I could sit and talk w/ her for hours on everything from sports to hip hop to politics.

Do I agree with what she says and how she goes about saying? Not all the time.

Do I think her mouth helped the Dolphins cut ties with Brent? Hellen Keller can see that. Should she be quiet? That’s for Brent to decide and by the looks of it, he’s fine with it.
We all know she will alway be undeniably in her hubby’s corner…what guy wouldn’t want his wife to be?

But at some point, one has to say enough is enough, especially when it’s messing with your money. Whether or not the Grimes are there or not, we will see. What we (in media and not) hear and see is not always what the player and family hear and see. Matter of fact it’s more than likely not it at all.

the word from the ‘Phins


MIAMI – The Miami Dolphins today announced cornerback Brent Grimes has been released.

Grimes joined the Dolphins as an unrestricted free agent on March 30, 2013 and was re-signed on March 3, 2014. While in Miami, he started 47 games and totaled 166 tackles (141solo), 13 interceptions and 43 passes defensed. In 2015, Grimes totaled 49 tackles (42 solo), four interceptions and 14 passes defensed.

Grimes entered the NFL as an undrafted college free agent with the Atlanta Falcons on May 16, 2006. He played six seasons for the Falcons (2007-12). During his nine-year NFL career, Grimes has played in 106 games and has totaled 401 tackles (346 solo) and 26 interceptions.

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